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Nahuel Basterretche

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Formally educated in design and with extensive experience in development, my work often lies at the intersection of the technical and the emotional.
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My art practice explores cohabitation with non-humans and the questions around identity and the perception of self that arise from those experiences. I usually employ a mixture of media and an interactive approach to storytelling.

I am currently based in London while undertaking an MA at the Royal College of Art in the Information Experience Design program. I see IED as a place where I can further develop my practice and explore new media. I believe that maintaining a healthy balance between commercial and artistic work is a key ingredient for sustaining a prolific creative career.

As a designer and developer I work with production companies and creative studios providing creative and technical support to interactive projects. My work revolves around assessing technical capabilities of different areas of immersive technology and carrying out projects in conjunction with creative directors, producers, development teams and CG artists.

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